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An orthodox Hmar dialect (language) users when talk over about correct speaking of this dialect, never fail to mention a village in Hmarram, Southern part of Manipur,for their accent and eloquence easily recognised and judged by listeners. That is a village Lungthulien, one of the oldest and most populated village in the only Hmar dominated area in Hmarram.

Bestowed by nature with scenic beauty, endowed with comfortable atmospheric condition, the village could have been accomodated all living creatures and provide a dwelling place for all who find shelter in its bosom. The uniqueness and pride of this village is that none have been denied or knocked out as extrinsic citizen from living in the land. This is a clear indication and proof of the generosity of the villagers. They led a life for the cause of unity and brotherhood amongst them. Visitors to this village were indeed astonished by the dedicated and helping hands of the people in times of trouble. The activities of the youths performed at the funeral service on the demise of a bonafide citizen, has been highly appreciated by outsiders and of worthy to highlight here.

Leilang street; panoramic view from Vawmpalung
Lungthulien had its name after the discovery of 'Lungthu' probably in around 1900A.D. and the village became occupied in 25th November,1924. There is no chronological record that ordain the year of discovery of 'Lungthu'. But some beliefs says that 'Lungthu' was erected not later than 1808 AD.

'Lungthu' is a set of 3 big stones placed in such a way that the 3 stones form an almost perfect triangle. It is actually a giant Hearth where the Hmars' ancestors used to cook meals for a large number of people, usually great warriors, after a successful hunt or battle. It is situated in upper part north of the village between the old and new streets. As cited above, the name of this, so called village is derived from this stone 'Lungthu'.

Bull fighting at Kawnpui street
Surrounded by hills and rivers, this beautiful village was first inhabited by temporary settlers of Hmunte. Thy first settled in upper part of the mountain and they later spread to nether region where road was constructed. It has an area of 99 square Km and is 1050m above the sea level. From the district capital Churachandpur,the well known National Highway(name changed) NH-150 connected at 235.15 Km which serves as the main communication till date. Lungthulien is a mountainous village covered by thick reserve forest and a number of rivers and brooks which enriched and added the pleasure of living. It received adequate rainfall and there is no scarcity of water effecting the life of the people. Lungthulians enjoyed a moderate climate; not very hot in summer and not so cold in winter.

The village is accessible to all neighboring villages and shares boundary with Parbung in the North,Senvawn in the South and Sipuikawn in the West. In case of the eastern side the river Tuibum demarcated from the other hill villages. Its junction suited to run hotel, kiosk, institution,etc and many people from nearby villages have constant travelling inside it for different purposes.

Well known for its people and numerous historical sites, whether your goal is to refresh and relax, Lungthulien is a must for your next getaway. You will have no disappointment in visiting this village. Your only difficulty will be leaving!

Lungthulen owned a lot of popularity by nature's gift such as, Lungthu, Lungvawkkuong, Lungarkhuong, Lungdawsang, Vawmpalung, etc. Of all famous sites found in Lungthulien, vawmpalung is most visited. Vawmpalung is a cave located half Km southeast of the largest street Mission Veng. The main interest in this cave is that the cave contains evidence of pre-historic activities. Inside the cave there is a stone slab which was probably used as a bed by the cave settlers,Vawmpa and Vawmnu. The cave is partioned into two rooms by a stone wall. This wall has a hole, and according to mythological belief,the hole in the wall is believed to be used by Vawmpa and Vawmnu to pass 'Tuibur' to each other. You can visit this place even today as it is before though the two dwellers passed away.

Besides all noted above, there are many interesting stories which are fit to mention in this article. We cannot provide all as Lungthulien is a vast and old village. To know more, you are advised to visit this village and experience the comforts.
The Lungthulians are of jovial and humour. Their character showcase the atmosphere to extricate the strangers. Once you stand at the top of the hill and inhale unpolluted fresh air, viewed the serene green forest with clouds of autumn spreading in the sky, you may perhaps be filled with tears longing for the happy times of the past. Really you will be nostalgic by the bygone stories...

Part of Kawnpui, Bird's-eye view from Khawchung lam (way). Mountain ranges seen are within Mizoram.
{I am sure that this article is not free from mistakes and errors, I welcome comments and suggestions which will enable me to undertake another edition of this kind}


Gospel Songate, 2012

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